Partnering Side Event of the Forum of Cluster Associations and Networks, Teodora Jilkova discussing on Women in Clusters

The meeting was held online on the 17 November 2020 and gathered all Cluster Associations and their networks to discuss in detail and learn from each other about their activities supporting cluster organisations, about the challenges they face and about possibilities to collaborate and develop joint actions.

With the programme, the following breakout sessions were included:

  1. Funding challenges for cluster associations and networks

    Break-out session moderator: Douglas Thompson
    EC Moderator: Marek Przeor – Team Leader Cluster Policy DG GROW European Commission

    • Speaker 1. Santiago Cuesta Lopez (ICAMCyL Foundation)
    • Speaker 2. Lukas Nögel (Go-cluster from The Cluster platform Deutschland)
  2. Women in Clusters

    Break-out session moderator: Lucia Seel
    EC Moderator: Eva Maria Revilla Penaranda - Cluster Team, DG GROW

    • Speaker 1. Joëlle Durieux (France Clusters)
    • Speaker 2. Isabelle Tovena Pécault (ALPHA-Rlh)
    • Speaker 3. Teodora Jilkova (Veritas Cluster)


  3. New Green Deal Break-out session moderator: Francisco Rocha; EC Moderator: Oceane Peiffer-Smadja – Cluster Team, DG GROW
  • Speaker 1. Kim Picard-Chaïbi (TECHTERA)
  • Speaker 2. Merete Daniel Nielsen (Denmark Excellence)

Teodora Jilkova, representing Veritas cluster, took part in the session on Women in Clusters, giving a brief overview on Clusters in Bulgaria, the roles of women and how the topic has been trated so far locally and what could be the next possible actions.

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